Interest in coin collecting is up over 400% during the last month

Coin collecting can be both fun and profitable. According to recently collected data in Malaysia, the interest in coin collecting is up over 400% during the last month! Many ask, “What should I collect?” The short answer is: “Collect what you like!” Choose currencies or a range of currencies that interest you. It can be a fascinating design on the coin, the story behind the coin or a coin related story. Use the Internet to research the history of a currency or to find out where it came from. However, be careful if you buy coins online. They can be overpriced or counterfeit.

Regardless of whether the currency is of interest to you, you are more likely to learn more about it and that training will help you avoid costly mistakes on your coin collecting trip. Lincoln’s ears are rich in history and have some great stories behind some of the coins. Some new collectors collect world coins that have a common theme, such as queens, fish, buildings, flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless and can be as interesting as you.

Finally, when you embark on a journey of collecting coins, be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to ‘make money’. You will meet people and unscrupulous currency traders who will try to sell you coins at affordable basement prices. You will soon find that the old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” will apply in this case. Keep collecting what you like and buy coins from a reputable coin dealer.

A Rare Gem From China

Finding a golden Panda of 2020 – 10 yuan coin is becoming more and more difficult due to the coin collecting hype. Consultants at Smartonq are ready to help acquire this rare gem:
Denomination: 10 Yuan.
Mintage: 1 000 000 pcs.
Condition: BU (Brilliant Uncirculated).
Metal: GOLD.
Purity: .999
Pure gold weight in coin: 1 g.
Diameter: 10 mm.
Manufacturer: People’s Bank of China (中国人民银行).
Country of Origin: China.
Reverse: A 2020 Chinese gold coin depicts a Panda lying between bamboo leaves and holding a bamboo twig in its paws. In the background, you can see the vegetation characteristic of the Chinese landscape. The weight of the coin and the gold coin “1 g Au .999” are engraved on the top of the coin and the denomination “10 元” on the left.
Obverse: Coin reverse depicts the Paradise Temple in Beijing, and above it the inscription “中华人民共和国” (eng. People’s Republic of China) is placed on the top of the coin. In the bottom of the coin is coin issued year “2020”.

Packing: Manufacturer of vacuum packaging.

About the coin: It is among the world’s investors, collectors and jewelers most popular investment gold coin of China. The coin is minted in .999 pure gold. Chinese Gold Panda was first minted in 1983, the Chinese central bank and introduced as legal tender. During the first three years of minting, this coin had a limited circulation – 10 000 units. per year. Every year the coin design changes, until 2002. design has not changed and was used in 2001. This coin is struck in three mints in China, the Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenyang. However, these coins, unlike other countries practice the Mint, the Mint marks are not hammered. Instead, different mint between your quantity of coins minted make minor design differences, such as font size, bamboo forest size and minimum Paradise temple design differences.

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